Chapters and Cappuccino


I am not a fan of coffee. I just love a great Cappuccino. 

I have never been one of those people who douse the sunrise with coffee. I prefer soymilk. I’m also not one of those people who find themselves hanging on a thread by mid afternoon owing to caffeine deficiency. I do not have a relationship with coffee, but…

Cappuccino, is a completely different story.

Its not just milk, sugar, coffee and foam on top. Far from it.

A brilliantly crafted ‘cino is a work of art. It takes skill, talent and a lot of hard work.

“Attaining the correct ratio of foam requires close attention while steaming the milk, thus making the cappuccino one of the most difficult espresso-based beverages to make properly.” – Wikipedia, 2013.

A cappuccino and a thesis chapter have a lot in common, in that sense.

I’ve come to realize that a quality thesis chapter is not just about well thought out content, instead it is a concoction of thoughts, facts and a dash of feelings; arranged together with the most concise sentence structure.

Unlike other portions of the paper, the three chapters I have to carefully design within the frame of 4000 words, require the most attention. You see, this is where the reader forms an impression of the researcher/writer, because each chapter is a measure of the researcher’s effort during the fieldwork process, depth of reading and ability to make sense.

Even when things do not make sense. 

I am currently working on the two major chapters. I intend to finish one of the chapters by the time my caffeinated brain cells succumb to slumber.

In this chapter, I will cover the crux of the whole Malaysian VS Malaysian Indian identity. I shall go into how interesting it is in my next post.

Till then, I shall sip on this ‘cino (see photo above) and return to work.

Progress: 40%


Eighteen Thousand Words

I like numbers. They tell specific stories. 

Like 18,000 is the number of words I have to write, for my Master’s thesis on the Malaysian Indian Identity.

My mission for the next 23 days (as stated on the countdown widget) is to complete the writing, editing and *surrendering process of the document.

*The act of surrendering in this context does not mean ‘to give up’, instead it means ‘to let go’ at the right time, and allow the universe to take over.

Yes, I know, I should have started this blog, ages ago. But hey, better late then never!

In this section, I intend to blog my daily milestones (regardless of how small or large they may be) as well as the dilemmas I encounter during this journey. I will also state my progress, thoughts, feelings and occasional epiphanies each day, to remind me that this task is not only achievable but purposeful.

I tend to forget sometimes.

As I reach the end of the road of my Master’s degree, I want to enjoy this journey. No matter how grueling it turns out to be (considering the amount of work to do in such limited time) I recall being immensely inspired and enthusiastic about researching on the topic of the Malaysian Indian identity. Somewhere along the way, I guess the overwhelming stress got the better of me and I began to dawdle at completing it.

I intend to enjoy this journey (or what is left of it)

I have come a long way and not only do I want to see this thesis through successfully, I want to believe that the process will have a positive impact on my personal growth as a writer and a thinker, while the published paper contributes significantly to the larger community.

I am hopeful. 

“Imagine immensities, don’t compromise, and don’t waste time.” – Debbie Millman

It is 5.07am. My journey begins.