Chapters and Cappuccino


I am not a fan of coffee. I just love a great Cappuccino. 

I have never been one of those people who douse the sunrise with coffee. I prefer soymilk. I’m also not one of those people who find themselves hanging on a thread by mid afternoon owing to caffeine deficiency. I do not have a relationship with coffee, but…

Cappuccino, is a completely different story.

Its not just milk, sugar, coffee and foam on top. Far from it.

A brilliantly crafted ‘cino is a work of art. It takes skill, talent and a lot of hard work.

“Attaining the correct ratio of foam requires close attention while steaming the milk, thus making the cappuccino one of the most difficult espresso-based beverages to make properly.” – Wikipedia, 2013.

A cappuccino and a thesis chapter have a lot in common, in that sense.

I’ve come to realize that a quality thesis chapter is not just about well thought out content, instead it is a concoction of thoughts, facts and a dash of feelings; arranged together with the most concise sentence structure.

Unlike other portions of the paper, the three chapters I have to carefully design within the frame of 4000 words, require the most attention. You see, this is where the reader forms an impression of the researcher/writer, because each chapter is a measure of the researcher’s effort during the fieldwork process, depth of reading and ability to make sense.

Even when things do not make sense. 

I am currently working on the two major chapters. I intend to finish one of the chapters by the time my caffeinated brain cells succumb to slumber.

In this chapter, I will cover the crux of the whole Malaysian VS Malaysian Indian identity. I shall go into how interesting it is in my next post.

Till then, I shall sip on this ‘cino (see photo above) and return to work.

Progress: 40%


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